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Apr 27, 2020

What is the pricing for Editor X?

Hi I'm interested in knowing if there are any pricing details for editor X

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Aug 03, 2020

Hi there, I'm confused. I just wanted to upgrade to Premium and finally launch my website which I created with Editor X (wich ist really cool, but unreliable and quite buggy at times). I was pretty certain, that I would have to pay the same price as usual ( about 8€ for a Combo Package in Germany), but now the prices start at 17€ and it's not the same for other websites I created with the standard Wix' tools. What happend? Am I really supposed to pay more for a beta testing, buggy experience??

Dear Wix Team, I was confused in the beginning but now I'm honestly just very disappointed. There's a discount of 50% promoted on your website, but once I click the link and select my website wich I designed with Editor X, the discount doesn't stick and I'm supposed to pay 237€ for a year. No discount, not even the "TAKE10" voucher works. At the same time another website I test designed with your "standard" tools would be cheaper, even though someone of your team stated in this forum conversation below, that the prices should be the same. Why doesn't the discount work? This pricing is way out of the price range of a student or a freshly starting freelancer. Especially now in this time of uncertainty.

Jun 07, 2020

Can someone from Wix elaborate on this?

I want to design a site for a client of me.

But want to be clear about Wix-pricing for her, no surprises in future.

So what can I expect about pricing?

Jun 07, 2020

hello i am a user of wix and i want to know if i can the editor x to modify my actually web on wix, how can i open my page in the editor x to work on it, and everything i do in the editor x is going to be deleted or can i use that to publish

Aug 02, 2020

Hi Camilo, it's currently impossible to migrate a Wix Editor site to Editor X, but its a feature you can vote for here:

Jul 31, 2020

Still no pricing information?

Aug 03, 2020Edited: Aug 03, 2020

Pricing seems to have launched. Here in the UK it is £18 monthly for a ridiculously low limit of 10GB storage and no Commerce. No thank you. I'll use WordPress instead - its far cheaper, and less buggy

Damn... is this just a test run to see, how much customers are willing to pay, or is this the new norm now? I would hate so see all my hard work to be in vain.

Aug 03, 2020

@rotermond I suspect this is the new norm. There was an announcement about Commerce pricing a while ago and that pricing has also increased substantially

@Paul Phillips thank you for your answer. I wasn't aware of that. Guess I should have done more research, but this is really frustrating. :/

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Aug 10, 2020

Please could someone elaborate on the reason behind the vast difference in price? When you take into account VAT etc. it's way over double the amount of a WIX site for the Editor X beta. I'm struggling to get my head around that much of a difference. If it were, for example, the difference between £8 and £12 per month I could understand. But £21.60 per month seems unbelievable to me. I've dedicated a huge chunk of time creating my website to now see the price points and I really am disheartened by this. I appreciate the benefits of using this over a WIX site but I think you'll scare away the majority of potential customers with the hidden costs.

Jan 02

Is this really worth it at all? I have a premium plan & domain on the classic Wix but I was really hoping to just transfer the domain over and the plan. Not to find out it just takes a bit of money off. Seems a bit sloppy that this is still only Beta and that it's honestly not wildly different from the classic Wix editor. Same company charging more for their own products.

Hi @Jack , Editor X is new web creation platform for pros. I would be happy to help you if you can email me your account details to


Hey Paul, I’m Tal from the Editor X team. During the close beta time the pricing is the same as Wix.

Apr 27, 2020

I really hope it stays this way. In fact, I would say once editor x is past the beta stage the whole ecosystem should be migrated to editor x. Everyone's using responsive design these days, it's a feature that is long overdue in Wix.

Apr 27, 2020

I don't see much point in me trying it out until I understand what the pricing will be on release

@Paul Phillips You can build a site on Editor X for free and upgrade for more benefits and capabilities. You're welcome to try it out :)

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