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Jan 18

What is the URL of the http functions when using editor X?

I am trying to use 'wix-http-functions' to catch a post request made by a webhook. The problem that I am having is that I have to provide an URL to the webhook so that it will know where to send the request. When I look at the documentation it says that I should use

// URL to call this HTTP function from your published site looks like: 
// Premium site -
// Free site -

I tried using both "" and "" (I am using my account username and not the word "username"), but I am still not getting the function to trigger.

I would really appreciate it if somebody can provide me with the correct URL format. Thank you in advance!

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Thank you for the answer! I have already reviewed most of the posts about 'wix-http-functions'. I understand how they work when your domain is from the wix editor, but I am not sure what the domain is supposed to be when I am using editorX. I will continue looking for the answer on the Velo Forum.

Feb 22

Hey , Any luck on this? I'm stuck with the same

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