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Feb 19

What "pushes" a sticky stack?

I have a sticky stack (two text elements). They are placed on a section with a large image.I want the stack to stick just a bit and then keep moving up. I know that a section "pushes" sticky elements but I can't create a section below the stick as it need to be on top of the image. I tried using a grid and placing the stack on the top row with a transparent box on the bottom row but it doesn't work (it won't "push" it.

Any idea?

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Any sticky element sticks to the top of the page (or top offset), and is pushed up when the edge of its parent reaches it, I you want it to be pushed before the bottom edge "arrives" the I would suggest giving the stack a bottom margin (no docking), but to not for it to reach all the way to the bottom.

heres how to do it:


Thanks a lot! how easy :)

Do you happen to know how to create the same effect on a sticky section?

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