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Jan 15

Why does my gallery scale down?

Hi everyone, a few weeks after publishing my functioning website, some strange effect occurred: the gallery on my main page scales down...weird and slowly. It's supposed to be static. There seems to be an issue with the menu on the bottom of the page as well. the logo flickers as well as some of the text. I checked all the animation settings, but they were all set to "no effect". Maybe something is wrong with the grid but I'm not sure what I should be looking for. I hope someone has an idea? You can see this error in all its weirdness here:

Thank you for help in advance and enjoy your weekend :).

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Jan 15Edited: Jan 15

Hey Esther, I'm Ido from the Editor X team ,

I took a look at your website and saw the issue, I will take it up for further investigation. In the meantime, because the gallery is the only section on this page, I suggest that you create a new page on your site and try inserting a new gallery with the same items in order to see if the problem occurs again. If that works properly, set this new page as your homepage but do not delete the old one, so we can investigate the problem that occurred. It would be great if you could keep us updated on the matter in this thread.

Thanks, Ido.


Hi Ido,

thank you so much for your fast reply. I created a new page as a test and set up a new gallery from scratch. Unfortunately the problem still occurs... Thank you very much for taking a look at this issue. I hope you'll find the culprit soon 🔎 Take care, Esther


Hey Esther, If you can, I want you to duplicate the page, and in the duplicated version click on the section then ----> adjust grid ----> delete grid and it should work. again, if you could keep the older version for our team to check out the issue that will be great, Tell me if this fix worked.

Thanks, Ido.


Hey Ido, Max from the Editor X Support Team send me a really helpful video tutorial. I had to change a small detail in my grid (the one my gallery is in). It's a grid with three sections. Two of them were set on "%" while the one in the middle was labeled "fr", which I changed to "%" as well. Now it works! Thank you for your time and take care, Esther

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