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Aug 19

Wix Editor X subscription promo code

Wix usally offers 50% discount on their premium plans. Do they have same offers on their editor X plans ? I have tried to use the promo code but non are working and the prices are very high.


Hi Wisam, I'm Tal from the Editor X team. Currently there are no promotions on Editor X.

Aug 19Edited: Aug 19

Thanks Tal,

Unfortunetly, I have completed my new website in editor X and now I have to go back to the normal one because editor X is very expensive for me.


Here's another vote for an Editor X promotion. I received a 50% promotional email today, only to find out it is not valid for Editor X.


Same situation for me. Started building my site through EditorX with the intent to use the 50% promo. Current pricing doesn't add up when compared to WIX premium plans.


Today, I had a really bad experience. It started with a 'good news' email for 50% off, but I ended up losing an entire hour on the phone with the Wix customer service only to find out that the 50% discount doesn't apply to EditorX sites. The Wix employee initially thought it was because of my monthly Premium subscription and helped me cancel the subscription making my site unreachable for that hour.

In the meantime, I'd like to give Flore a shoutout from the Wix Customer Care team who were happy I brought this issue to their attention. She eventually provided me with a solution that I really appreciate, so that we as early Editor X users feel now supported.

@Rudolf Nanne Could you please share the solution that was attained via Customer Service with the rest of us? I, for one, am itching--like serious itching--like I need medication itching--like I'm scratching my face off due to frustration with Wix, Wix Customer Service, and the Wix Leadership Team itching. 🙏🏼

@Scott Rudiger They provided a personal promotional code for a 40% discount, which I was happy to take.

I feel we all as Editor X users should be able to apply the regular Wix promos on our sites. The promo emails are now misleading and list your Editor X created URLs, but you will find the discount won't work on your sites and just feel like you're getting a bad deal. Especially since we as beta testers are still not getting a 100% product e.g. my SEO tool informs me that the Editor X site speed is still very slow especially on mobile.

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Oct 11Edited: Oct 11

Well, I had a client to the premium WIX for 2 years, but now I have to cancel the job because of this new high priced product, WIX didn't mention anytime about the new price... this is a real mistake and misleading. That's frustating. What a waste of time! I was building this site: Very sad!

Oct 13Edited: Oct 14

@Tal Weltsch Thank you! But I still thinking that WIX should be review these new prices of the platform and be more clear about it.


I fully agree with the messages above.

It's time to react wix ! 😠

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