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Jun 05, 2020

Wix forms

I have created 5 fields in Wix form, out of which three are 3 text fields like ( Name, Email id, City ) and the other 2 fields like ( weight and a number field to be selcted from drop down menu ) . Now when clicking on submit button - I want to perform a dynamic query - it's like a mathametical formula has to be performed which is dynamic in nature and then the result has to be displayed on the screen. Can you help how we can do this ? I am trying to look everywhere

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Hi Naman,

I am Dana from the Editor X Team.

You can actually achieve this using Corvid. If you are familiar with Corvid and have some basic coding skills, you can add click event to the submit button and add the logic there. Then add a lightbox to the site and open it using openLightbox( ) API. Let me know if you need further help,


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