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Jan 12

Wix Store Collection as a Page

So is there no way to add a Wix Store Collection to a page in Editor X? I can add the whole catalogue but if I want a men section and a women section based on collections in the Wix store, how do I add this in EditorX?


Hi Anthony,

When you add a collection to a store it should allow you to select the collection to display in your shop element. (If you want this on other pages, its easiest to duplicate the page) - to change collections displayed by the "shop" element. Simply select the element, select settings and choose the collection you want displayed under the "Collections" tab. - I have added a screenshot of this below.

Hopefully this helps - feel free to ask further questions or for further advice on this :)) - I'll try and get back to you as quickly as possible! Thanks,


Feb 12

but you cant do a new page for every collection that is too much work i tried to do it dynamic. you can convert your page to a dynamic collection page

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