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Mar 24

Wix store view on mobile

Hi to everyone, i would like to know if it's possible to view your products in 2 or more colomn than a single product in mobile view. thx in advance to everyone

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Hey @ordinal I'm Shiri from the Editor X team. We are constantly working to create additional layouts, including adding more to Editor X, but this will take some time. Meanwhile, we can suggest using the existing layouts or create a custom layout using code if you feel comfortable coding on Velo. Here is a code suggestion by @Elliot Gibson.

Mar 24Edited: Mar 24

Hi @ordinal.

You can adjust the number of columns in Settings > Layout > Product Grid > Manual and set the Columns to 2 or more.

You can also use Responsive to have the number of items per row automatically adjust according to the screen width.

You can also see a video by @Jonathan Tsodikovitch on how to do it here:

You can also check out this forum post for more information:

Hope this helps! (:

Mar 24

Unfortunally it does not working, i have the same issue and i have already tried to solve the problem as the video you posted saying.. but changing the columns and rows works just for tablet and desktop view, the mobile view is fixed to 1 columns, and that what i would like to solve.. i solved the problem using repeaters and wix store API, but its not the same....

but thanks a lot for the efford @Pratham Gokani

Mar 24Edited: Mar 24

@ordinal You're welcome. But let’s hope that someone from the community or the @Editor X Team throws some light on this.

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