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Jun 16, 2020

Wix Stores

Hi Wix team

Back on May 17 I logged an issue with insert stores elements like the product slider. The response back was that these weren't properly configured for X yet and shouldn't be available to the user. Reading some of the other comments on here it sounds like stores is active in X. Can you please confirm if this is correct as I'm updating my Editor website but would prefer to do a new one in X if stores is fully functional.

thanks very much

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Hi Mina, I am Dana an from the Editor X Product Team.

Wix Store is definitely supported on X.

There are some Store widgets such as the Slider and Product widget which are deprecated and going to be removed. But bottom line you can curtanly go ahead and build your store on X.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Dana

Jun 17, 2020

Hi Dana. Ah ok that's fine. I'll start then!! heers.

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