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May 2, 2020

Wondering About Slide Feature

I know some questions have been asked about interactivity and team is working in this direction, but: are Sliders Available in Editor X?

I really need to use some as front page covers to auto-slide just like in traditional editor.

Is it possible?



Hi Malanis,

Roni here, from the Editor X Product team.

At the moment, fully customizable slideshows are not supported in Editor X. For now, if you auto-sliding is what you are after, you can use the Pro Gallery to get the effect you are looking for, with more structured layouts and designs. If customization is more important than the auto sliding effect, you can use the Slider display of the Repeater or the Layouter to create beautiful, fully customizable scrolling sliders.

A full solution for slideshows is indeed in our plans for the future.

Stay tuned for updates :)

Best regards,


May 3, 2020

Thanks so much, Roni! would love to receive updates when this gets done. Have you defined an estimated date when full EditorX V1 gets released? (beta version ends).


Thank you for your response.

We have no official dates to announce, but please keep in mind that Editor X sites can be put on production. The editor is stable and pqcked with the Wix backend to make it more powerful.

You can follow our updates on our "Releases and Updates" section of the Forum.

Hi Sebi

Can you please explain the process for achieiving sliding effect thru' repeaters/layouters. I couldn't manage to slide anything.

Hi @thegoodpeopleinnovations,

From the Layouter or Repeater's Layout panels, select the "Slider" under Display Type. The inner items will now be laid out in a row, that overflows outside the parent container, and can be reached by swiping the mouse or trackpad, or dragging the scrollbar.

Hope this helps!


Hi Roni,

If the 'Show Scrollbar' option is unchecked, do the elements slide? It seems it does not play as a slider. I have tried with both layouter and repeater but it doesn't slide without scrollbar.


Yes, the slider will work without the scrollbar as well.

From devices with a touchscreen, you can simply swipe. Also, you should be able to use a laptop's touchpad, and a Mac mouse to slide.

In case these are not available then yes, you can only slide using the scrollbar.

We do have plans to add arrows for triggering the sliding effect, but those are not yet available.

Hope this helps,


Jun 1, 2020

Hi, Well i'm trying to build a database slider on my site, something like the slider with function.."

function loadSlideshowData(slidesData) { const slideElements = $w("#dynamicSlideshow").slides; slideElements.forEach((slide, index) => { $w(`#${}`).background.src = slidesData[index].slideBackground; $w(`#slideTitle${index}`).text = slidesData[index].title; $w(`#slideDescription${index}`).text = slidesData[index].description; $w(`#slideButton${index}`).link = slidesData[index].buttonUrl; })"

Is there any other way to do that let say with the gallery pro>? so i could make the image and some text to be updated automatically from a slider database....


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