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Jul 26

Workaround ideas for Tile / Pattern images

My current website is using patterns (aka Tile) in different areas of the site.

I would really love to migrate to EditorX, I tried looking for a workaround since it seems like no one is using that feature.

if you need more details I'll be happy to share :)


@Ori Avraham Thank you for the reply. We currently don't have option to fill the background with tiled image. Yet, as a workaround we recommend that you create the tile effect using a photo editing software and stretched the image component on the section.

We we investigate how to implement the tiled image backgrounds on Editor X.


Just a few snaps:

This on is a parallax image using "Tile" and a pattern from Wix gallery

Also using the parrots' pattern over a color (also in Wix gallery) [ in a slideshow]

I really wanted to recreate those in EditorX but I didn't figure out how to change a (small pattern) image to fill a space with replicas :)

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