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Jun 2, 2020

working with gallery pro..

Hello, I just want to be able to capture the correct media/pic that shows on my gallery slider and take the text information for that slide and put it to a title text element that i pose on my page.

so for each slide that show on screen i will sea some text title that is connect to it via the database.

Thanks all


Hi Benny,

Create dynamic pages.

You may go through the wix tutorial ( old and new) on how to create database, dataset and dynamic pages. Hopefully it will solve your issue.

Jun 2, 2020

Well i know how to create dynamic pages, but i want to use slider like element and the is not one available in Editor X, so i want to try and use the Gallery pro element, but i can't catch via cordiv the correct slide that the Gallery pro show so i could grab othet data from my db and use it on screen.


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