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May 29

"X" in hamburger menu is hidden when menu is open, so it can't be clicked

When I add a hamburger menu and click on it to open the menu, the "x" to close the menu

is hidden, so it can't be clicked to close the menu. The background of the menu is covering the "x". It looks and works fine in preview mode, but not when site is live. I tried moving the open menu background backwards (behind the "x"), but it didn't help. Any suggestions? - thanks.

Jun 5

My issue is the 'open' hamburger menu being obscured when the menu is open.

I've discovered the issue arises when the hamburger menu is placed in site Master Header.

When placed as 'Fixed', the menu works just fine and the 'open' hamburger menu appears.

This is an issue as it means having to adjust it on all individual pages.

That works for now - thanks. Wix are looking into a fix as far as I know. I contacted support and described the issue again. Still waiting on a resolution.



Thank you for sharing we are investigating the issue. Can you please share with us your site url?

If you don't feel comfortable here, then you can submit via the "Help & Feedback" in the Editor topbar.

Thanks for your help with investigating this issue.

Any updates on this? I have same issue. This is a very serious problem!

I still have the same problem, but i realized that it happens only in the home section, when I'm, for example, in the shop section it functions. When will it be fixed?

Jun 2

I experience the same problem? Have you found a solution?

Hi, I'm Anna from the EditorX product team. As Sebi mentioned, our development team is looking into this. Would you mind sharing your site's URL as well? This will help us further investigate this issue. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help!

@Anna C Any updates on this? I have same issue. This is a very serious problem!

Jun 3

Yep, same problem here, unclickable X after the hamburger menu opens.

Would be cool to see this resolved! Good luck.

@Sebi Vidret, Product Manager Any updates on this? I have same issue. This is a very serious problem!

Jun 16

Yap, same here...

The "X-button" is behind the "menu container" so the menu can't be closed after opening it...

2 observations:

1) The problem only occurs when the hamburger icon is placed in the master header!

2) The problem started with a new mysterious new empty section that appeared on it's own overnight . This section seems to be linked with the master header and can't be deleted. When this section is moved, the master header moves with it.

Please fix.

Jul 1

I am having the same issue with the "X" not displaying for hamburger menus -


I have this problem also, can’t get a (preset) menu to show up on iPad, or iPhone. Shows up perfectly in preview, but just drops down a blank menu on the phone itself.

Any tips?


I've got the same issue. I submitted a bug ticket, but no response. Seems like they are down at the moment. The whole week or responses to submitted bugs


2 months later... I (still) also have same problem. X button disappears when menu is open.

Aug 28

I Wix going to fix this???? I'm experiencing this problem


Same problem here! Is there any available solution for this? (besides not putting the menu on the header)

Sep 10

@Guia HidalgoTry right clicking on the Header. Then click "Arrange". The click "Bring to Front"


Have anyone found a fix for this issue? I´m experiencing some weird bahavior here aswell. I managed to fix it in one page but I don't know how, and I can't replicate the fix in another page that I added another hamburguer menu but set the header as a sticky header. The x appears to remain in the middle of menu but behind it so I can't access the x in the editor. To top it off, although it's invisible it's still clickable on hover, and it closes the menu. the url:


Yes - same problem here. The hamburger menu icon works great but when I open the menu, the "X" button disappears.

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