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Jan 19
Edited: Feb 28

Catch up on the Editor X online event.

Hey creators,

Missed our special online event?

Watch the recording to hear exciting news and discover groundbreaking feature releases including live concurrent editing and code-free interactions.

Watch here.

Feb 5

Hi. I can't find the interaction function in the editor. Has is been activated already? Or do I need a payed plan for that which I haven't yet. Thx, Jan

Feb 5

Hey there. When can be expect the rollout of the hover / interactions feature?

It is not available in my premium account just yet...

Feb 5

When can we expect the highlighted user inputs in Editor X?

Feb 5

Do you have a release date for the features announced? I'm particularly interested in animation & interactions functions.

Feb 17

2 weeks since the event...

... but still the interactions feature is not available, or am I missing something?

I don't understand... I saw the guy using it in the webinar a few days ago but I can't find the interaction function :( Any updates? :)

Hi Everyone,

We are in the rollout process, it will take a little while longer. Please send us an email at if you’d like to receive a personal notice as soon as the feature is live.

Mar 15

Hey there EditorX-Team!

2 months since the event... ;-)

Could you give us a rough estimate, when the interactions-feature will be ready?

This will be a great upgrade to the overall usability of EditorX-Sites...

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