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Jan 19
Edited: Jan 20

Don't miss the Editor X online event.

Hey creators,

We’re very excited to invite you to our special online event for web creators.

There’ll be some really big announcements about the future of the platform plus some game-changing new feature releases.

Join us on Feb 4 at 2pm EST.

Sign up for the event.

Feb 5

Hi. I can't find the interaction function in the editor. Has is been activated already? Or do I need a payed plan for that which I haven't yet. Thx, Jan

Feb 5

Hey there. When can be expect the rollout of the hover / interactions feature?

It is not available in my premium account just yet...

Feb 5

When can we expect the highlighted user inputs in Editor X?

Feb 5

Do you have a release date for the features announced? I'm particularly interested in animation & interactions functions.

Feb 17

2 weeks since the event...

... but still the interactions feature is not available, or am I missing something?

I don't understand... I saw the guy using it in the webinar a few days ago but I can't find the interaction function :( Any updates? :)

Hi Everyone,

We are in the rollout process, it will take a little while longer. Please send us an email at if you’d like to receive a personal notice as soon as the feature is live.

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