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Dec 29, 2020

New Feature Alert: Code mode in the Layers panel

A new mode in the Layers panel presenting elements IDs from Dev mode. You can use the toggle to show either the layer name or the element ID. This way, IDs can be easily renamed from the layers panel as well as the properties panel.

Dec 29, 2020Edited: Dec 29, 2020

I really can't believe that you guys don't listen to your customers.

That shows how proud you are about your Editor X and greatly you think will be success. Time will tell

I'm personally leaving Editor X because I feel like I am wasting my breath.

Dec 29, 2020Edited: Dec 29, 2020

Thanks for this basic functionality, you are catching up. Now is the time to take it up a notch and we want some real new useful features!

We are getting impatient and starting to be more and more disappointed with publisher x.

Yes we are demanding and angry, at the price that publisher x costs us, there is something to be disappointed about! 😪

PS: I am convinced that they will make us pass the dark mode as being a big novelty. I laugh in advance haha

Dec 31, 2020

Thank you for your hard work. We do believe that there are great things coming soon. Everything you do is of a great value. Be it small or great it has a meaning. One of the pages I visit the most on this site, is the Releases&Updates page. Keep up!!!

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