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May 06, 2020

New feature alert: Copy formatting!

Build your site more efficiently by copying the design attributes from one element to another, rather than redefining them one by one.

Choose to copy the element's design from just one breakpoint, or the element's design on each of the breakpoints.


  • Right-click the element you want to copy.

  • Hover over Copy Element Design.

  • Select one of the options:

  • From this breakpoint (copy the design from this breakpoint only)

  • From all breakpoints (copy the designs of this element per breakpoint).

  • Click the element you want to copy the design to.


  • Hold down Shift to paste formatting to multiple elements.

  • You can also click the More Actions icon on the element to copy the design.


  • You can only copy the design between the same type of elements, i.e., buttons to buttons, text to text.

  • The design attributes do not include the size or position of elements.

  • Press Esc at any time to exit the copy design feature.

Please share your feedback with us 😀

May 06, 2020


May 06, 2020

This is amazing! Wow. Thank you so much, very welcomed feature. You guys are rocking it, keep it coming.

What about doing Copy Element Design from one page to another? I know you can copy/paste an element, but sometimes the pasted element ends up in a random area of the site page and is hard to find. (I know I can look for it in the Layers palette, but it's an extra step I'd rather avoid.) So for example, I have a website that has a button with formatting that needs to be changed. The button is present on all 10 pages of the website. I'd love to be able to Copy Element Design from one button and click onto the buttons for the other 9 pages and have them automatically update their new formatting. Is this already doable and I'm just missing where to find the function? 🤔 Let me know -- thanks!!

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