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Nov 3, 2020

New feature alert: Grouping

Accelerate your design process by grouping elements together. Grouped elements move and behave together. With groups you can drag, resize, duplicate, arrange and align multiple elements more efficiently and any animation you apply affects the whole group. Check out this gif below.

How to group elements:

  • Hold down Shift on your keyboard and select the elements you want to group

  • Click Group or use the shortcut Ctrl + G on your keyboard (Cmd key for Mac).

  • To ungroup the elements click Ungroup or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + G on your keyboard (Cmd key for Mac)

Tip: To easily select a single grouped element Hold down Ctrl (Cmd key for Mac) and click it.

Note: You can use the Layers Panel to Detach elements from the group, by clicking on the group icon.

Enjoy grouping and please share your feedback with us!

Nov 4, 2020

Thank you so much for your work. Keep going on. I'm waiting for other new features

Nov 6, 2020

Thank you for this novelty! I was looking forward to this! 😁

To go further, when we have several elements to group together, it would be easier to select them all directly on the "layers" part of the control panel. Can't wait to see this in addition to the "group" option!

You can check out this topic where I exposed the idea:

What's the difference between grouping and stacking?

Stacking always you to create a relationship between elements, you can add vertical margins between two elements (typically the relationship is with the parent). Grouping was created to facilitate the editing process of multiple elements at a time. You should stack when you want to maintain a vertical distance between to elements that their height height might change dependkng on the viewport size.

@Sebi Vidret, Product Manager ok, thank you for the info

Nov 17, 2020

I do not see anymore the option to stack two text elements, I can see only Group option, is it a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

Hi @Guy Tadmor, If the elements are placed in a vertical layout (one above the other), you should have the option to both create a group and stack them. As you can see in this example:

If you still have an issue with stacking elements please share a screenshot and I'll try to help.

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