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Jun 15

New feature alert: Theme Manager


You can now manage edit your website fonts and color palette in the theme manager panel. Any changes to the fonts and colors in the panel will affect your entire website design.

Keep in mind:

Your website design, elements design across the website, will be affected by the changes in the panel, only if your site elements are connected (wired) to the site fonts or colors accordingly, e.g fonts are defined to heading 1, heading 2, paragraph 1, etc. And colors are selected from the site color palette.

Jun 15

Can we also add character spacing and line spacing to the theme?

Where are the line height controls? Those are very important!

Jun 15

Another vote for line and character spacing please!

This image on the support page shows de line height icon...

Jun 15

How come you get it but i dont.

I don't have it, Its in a picture on the support page

6d ago

Please add link and button styles to this same theme editor - or allow us to add a custom style sheet please!

Awesome! Agreed. It'd be great to have button design styles in this section as well.

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