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Jan 12
Edited: Jan 12

New: Templates for dynamic pages

Discover new, responsive dynamic page templates to accelerate your work.


The new templates are designed for 3 leading business objectives: introducing your team, projects or news. Once you select a type, a page will automatically be created for you, according to the template design.


You'll find these templates when you add a new dynamic page via the Pages Panel. Simply choose the template you want and start customizing.

More templates coming soon - so stay tuned!


Useful feature for beginners and those who want to save time. The idea could have gone even further by adding the possibility of creating our own templates and saving them in this collection.

It would be important to absolutely rework the user experience on the "page" tab of editor x. It becomes more and more complicated to navigate when you have a lot of pages, and this novelty does not solve this problem. Continue your wix work! Hoping that you will continue to bring us a lot of novelty! I believe in your team. 🤗

Hi Lukas,

I am Naama from Editor X product team. Thank you for your feedback.

In regards to the ability to create your own dynamic template, we don’t currently offer this feature, I will pass your feedback on to the rest of the team.

About the Pages panel, then basically using a dynamic page adds 2 pages (All and Title) while the alternative is having many standard pages for the same purpose. Anyways, we will relate to your comment as we're working constantly to improve the experience.

Feel free to reach out again if you have any more ideas.

Best regards,


Jan 15

Adding additional grids to existing templates breaks some of the pages' dynamics and grid behavior changes. This is a weird bug. I have watched the video tutorials about grids and I followed the directions there, but grid behavior is no longer dynamic when going from desktop to tablet to mobile. I'm having to rearrange a lot ofbthings by


To help us investigate this issue, could you please share the steps you've followed and report them inside the Editor X, under the Help menu there's a Report a bug form. This will assist us to reproduce.

Thank you,


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