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May 09, 2020
Edited: May 10, 2020

For your constructive wisdom and tuning on my PERSONAL site

Dear Editor X community,

Thanks to CORONA hunkering, I took the Editor X challenge, and I would like to have your constructive wisdom and tuning on my PERSONAL contrarian site

I am an EPM professional ( and thrilled about making my personal website ( - to evangelize my contrarian EPM Gospel) great again (Re-Engineering) through Editor X.

Let me admit that I am not a professional WEB Developer. I happened to develop (with some help) the first version of my website late last year. Since then, I was disappointed with some of WIX limitations like responsiveness (on different screens). So, I started looking at other options beyond WIX, and luckily, I happened to stumble upon the Editor X on April 30th.

Since NO Editor X developers accessible to me (I tried UPWORK), I decided to try it out myself. I watched ALL Editor X videos at least a dozen times. I spent at least 100 hours on this site development and created over 30 different iterations (since I am getting all sorts of errors I decided to copy to new version whenever I make substantial changes which I cannot afford to lose – I also called the WIX support team at least half a dozen times on addressing some my challenges.)

YES, the sausage-making process on the beta tool was not very fun – BUT, it was worth and I am thrilled about the amazing possibilities as Editor X evolves.

My website ( is a half-baked and EVOLVING product, and I am not very thrilled about the header, footer, graphics, etc. I would like to have your constructive wisdom and fine-tuning on (including on technical and content side too). I will make sure that I will reciprocate your kindness.



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Sep 17, 2020

Hi - I really appreciated the menu bar as it's very responsive but more importantly, does not blink during page transitions. I haven't been able to do that for mine. Could you provide information about how you set it up?

Oct 17, 2020

My apologies for not checking this message earlier. Appreciate your kind words.

BUT, I am not happy. I am in the process of completely redesigning this site and hopefully will have the updates for the home page ready by end of the week.

Answer to your question: I used all the breakpoints😎

Oct 24, 2020Edited: Oct 24, 2020

I appreciate your responding.

I didn't understand your answer though - the "blinking"/reloading of the header (along with the page) whenever a menu item is clicked happens on the desktop version (I haven't had a chance to work with other breakpoints much yet). Most Editor X websites I've seen have that blinking (including all of the templates, one example here: except for 2-3 websites like yours that seem to have found a way around it.

If you have any other input, feel free to let me know. And happy designing!

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