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May 9
Edited: May 10

For your constructive wisdom and tuning on my PERSONAL site

Dear Editor X community,

Thanks to CORONA hunkering, I took the Editor X challenge, and I would like to have your constructive wisdom and tuning on my PERSONAL contrarian site

I am an EPM professional ( and thrilled about making my personal website ( - to evangelize my contrarian EPM Gospel) great again (Re-Engineering) through Editor X.

Let me admit that I am not a professional WEB Developer. I happened to develop (with some help) the first version of my website late last year. Since then, I was disappointed with some of WIX limitations like responsiveness (on different screens). So, I started looking at other options beyond WIX, and luckily, I happened to stumble upon the Editor X on April 30th.

Since NO Editor X developers accessible to me (I tried UPWORK), I decided to try it out myself. I watched ALL Editor X videos at least a dozen times. I spent at least 100 hours on this site development and created over 30 different iterations (since I am getting all sorts of errors I decided to copy to new version whenever I make substantial changes which I cannot afford to lose – I also called the WIX support team at least half a dozen times on addressing some my challenges.)

YES, the sausage-making process on the beta tool was not very fun – BUT, it was worth and I am thrilled about the amazing possibilities as Editor X evolves.

My website ( is a half-baked and EVOLVING product, and I am not very thrilled about the header, footer, graphics, etc. I would like to have your constructive wisdom and fine-tuning on (including on technical and content side too). I will make sure that I will reciprocate your kindness.



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