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Jul 9
Edited: Jul 9

Here is my 2nd completed EdX client project.

This is my 2nd client website on editorX. As always, I welcome feedback to improve.

The site looks great! No obvious errors has stuck its head out but if any do I'll be sure to share them so you can improve your work. Great job!

Jul 9

It's nice, I have one question... How did you do this scrolling slides, did you use pro gallery? Or any other options

Jul 9

Hi, the site is nice. I have a question about the scroll option. Did you use pro gallery or any other options. Couz I don't think Wix slideshow option is in editor X...

Hi thanks for your feedback. I use a layouter for slides.

Jul 10

Looks great, just a big blue section below the first video/slide box... it is about 75vh on a 27" mac. On smaller screens looks great though.

Thank you for highlighting. Will amend.

is it me or does wix have a loading issue

Yes editor x sites seem to load longer. Hope something gets fixed sooner. Ive kept my assets as light as possible.

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