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May 12

Just done my first EdX site.

Here it goes. With the power of Editor X, there are still a lot of features missing. Hope things will improve soon and fast. But I managed to finish my first Editor X site. Feedbacks welcome.

May 12

Very nice. How did you create the Menu effect when clicked on?

May 13Edited: May 13

For a first effort (and with still limited functionality) I think its excellent. It's as fluid and attractive as many you see around today built on considerably more expensive platforms. I have previously built a full ecommerce site for my wife using the normal editor but am looking to learn and embrace Editor X to build her a new site. I love the menu and like ncovert, would like to know how you created it please. I have absolutely no interest in coding (but happy to learn a bit if necessary) and I can see it becoming a bit of a dinasaur concept in time except for the hardened dessisters (bit like msdos) and this method of future website development excites me immensly. I do hope Wix roll out more tutorials and features soon and in particular a selection of popular templates. It looks like you may only have one second page (Incubator). Did you work out how to establish sub-pages or maybe its done a different way in EX I would like to know. Again, great effort, well done you. It also looks great on a mobile.

Jun 2

Greetings. Nice flow and branded look. I find the titles and the sections a bit too big for my taste. They are somewhat distracting as the screen size gets bigger. Some more dead space might help the eye to focus better. Curios, did you only use the default tools or did you try any customization? I am having hell of a time when I try to customize the default state of the layouters and sections.

Hey thanks for the feedback. Yes I agree with the size on text titles. My client however wants it big. lol....I mixed some default layouters and some are customized. Most sections are also customized. Took me awhile to get the default layout right.

Jun 3

Oh man... yes I know how it goes when the client insists on things that may not be the best for the design :)

Again, it's a nice site and good work for being able to work around the Editor with all the inconsistencies.

Do you feel confident enough that you can spend an hour looking at my site on a shared screen? I'd compensate for your time :)

Jun 3

It took me days to get all the view points to look right. I had to sacrifice the original design a bit and use the default states of the sections so things would stay in place (just the home page)

Jun 11

Well done! The message is clear, design is easy on the eyes, and the functionality seems great!

Here's what I just recently whipped up on Editor X.

Really nice but I would still go with the Queens English for 'Enquire'

Looks great on a mobile, well done you.

Jul 6

Good point, I'm going to change it!

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Jun 11

Likewise. Nice and clean. Elegant branded look.

Really good job! Is the menu on a lightbox?

Great Menu idea

How did you produce it please

I like the design of the menu, how did you achieve the hamburger menu transitions or is it default and also I was curious about the image hover to reveal their names with a fade applied to it, could you tell me how to achieve that effect? :)

Sep 13

I have a similar one here I did it by using Corvid code.

Create a custom menu with buttons and add it to a box (#menu) and pin it. Create an onClick event on the hamburger icon. $w("#menu").show(); and doubleClick to hide the box.

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