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May 25, 2020
Edited: Jun 9, 2020

Long Beach Venue Website | Editor X

May 26, 2020

good job! remember to name the pages (they are blanck-1, Blank-2 etc etc) ... otherwise very elegant! Top!

May 26, 2020

Most definitely, I'm still missing a bit of content on some of the pagers but this was just an overall design example!

Thanks for looking out!

May 26, 2020

Very Nicely Done!! However, make sure to review the site on smaller desktop viewports as the padding and margins are a bit off on some elements. Otherwise a very elegant job indeed.

May 26, 2020

Which elements and what window size?

Thanks for looking out!

May 27, 2020

The viewport size I viewed it on was 1280 x 610. In the attached recording, you can see that there is no padding applied to the bottom of the elements. However on zooming out of the browser to a viewport size of 1600 X 763 viewport size, everything looked perfect.

May 27, 2020

You rock, now would i do this by creating a container, then input a bottom padding to prevent this?

May 30, 2020

Yes... you can definitely try that out. However, since most of these elements involve text, I'd go about stacking them to ensure that they don't overlap. You can then go ahead and add the same amount of padding to the top and bottom of the stack which will place it right in the center of the section. Also make sure that the stack is not docked to any of the edges.

Jun 9, 2020

@Rejoy TM Perfect! What's the difference between a "stack" and "grid"? I know what they both are but what separates the two?

Stack - Group elements

Grid - Like stack but more responsive?

May 29, 2020

Check the logo - on a 27" iMac the bottom of the 3 circles is cut off.

Nice clean site!

Jun 9, 2020

Thank you! Changed the logo to "fixed" so it doesn't scale anymore!

Jun 25, 2020

Well, done. A beautiful website. The images are fantastic and make the site. You skill in using the images with the movement makes us feel like we are there.

Really wonderful website. Congratulations!

Jul 6, 2020

Thanks Leigh, that means ALOT!!

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