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Jun 28

New site!

I'd love to see what you all think of my new editor X site!

Still a bit of a rolling project, but it is largely finished!

Hi Jack.

I think the site looks really good. Off to a very good start.

I have a fast internet connection and 32 gig of ram .... and the graphics on your site are taking a while to load. Not sure if this is a Wix specific issue (maybe if you tone down the animations the graphics will load faster)? Also, I use to reduce my graphic image sizes (maybe this is on your to do list?)

Ah yeah, thank you for looking... And for the feedback! I'm frustrated with the loading time as I have reduced the file size 🤔 But I will keep working on it 😁 Thank you!

Cool site! Loading time should improve indeed, but overal nice work!

Hey. Nice site! how did you get the top section to act as a background? with the parallax scrolling

Thank you! What you need to do is set the background height to 100vh and then expand an image to fill the section before setting the scroll effect to parralax in the settings for the image ☺️