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Community Guidelines.

Welcome to the official Editor X Community

Our purpose.

The Editor X forum is a space to connect with other creators from the design community so you can inspire each other, share ideas, enhance your knowledge and provide feedback about Editor X.

We all have different approaches and come from different backgrounds but we’re all striving to create beautiful websites and broaden our understanding through collaboration. So above all, be kind.

Community privilege.

Being a member of this community is a privilege, not a right. Adhering to the rules is a necessity for all members. The community team reserves the right to remove anyone at any time.

Community rules.

  • Be nice. Let’s cultivate a supportive culture to make sure that it’s an environment where we can help promote creativity.

  • No solicitation. Do not sell, trade or advertise on the forum. Solicitation posts will be immediately deleted and the member may be banned.

  • Use only English in posts, comments, and your user profile.

  • No external links (other than Editor X). Links to external sites are prohibited unless directly relevant to the topic being discussed.

  • Focus on Editor X. Topics should be Editor X-focused and not related to other products, unless you’re using those APIs in your site.

  • Understand the basics. We expect you to have some knowledge of design and Editor X prior to posting. Check out Academy X to get started with Editor X. Try out the lessons, exercises and watch the video tutorials.

  • Format your posts. All new topics must follow the Posting Requirements format below. Posts that do not meet these requirements will be marked for deletion.

  • Words matter. No profanity or abusive behavior

  • No thread hijacking. Don’t post about an issue and then bump other threads with your issue.

  • No freebies. Don’t expect anyone to provide design help for free; the community is here to help you learn how to solve problems.

Posting Guidelines.

  • Search before posting. Use the forum search. There's a great chance that someone has already solved the problem that you are facing. If you post a question that has already been asked and answered, your post may be locked. You might find the answer to your question by taking a look at Academy X lessons and tutorials.

  • Use meaningful titles. "How can I edit a grid across different breakpoints?” will get more attention and better results than "Help please!".


  • One topic/issue per post. Keeping posts short makes it easy to find answers, and makes the post relevant for more people.

  • Keep questions focused and clear. This will make each question easier to understand, which makes it possible for more people to answer it.

  • Provide as many details as possible. Describe the context of the problem, what you are trying to achieve and the steps you’ve taken so far.

  • Include all relevant material. Include site screenshots and site URLs to make it easier for others to understand the problem.

  • Practice gratitude. Acknowledge when you get a good response by “Mark as Best Answer” (available from the Show More menu icon). This makes it easier for other members to spot the correct answer. Thanks, likes and follows mean a lot!

Editor X

The rest is up to you.

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